Africa Desk

Through the Africa team and our network partners across Africa, our clients now have access to wide number of African markets. PCA Logistics offers full spectrum of logistics services across the African continent

* Global freight services (air/sea)
* Warehousing solutions (free/bonded)
* Destination country compliance requirements (PVOC/PSI/Waiver)
* Border & in-transit clearances
* Marine Insurance
* Tracking updates
* DAP/DDP services to door

    • SADC Cross border transport
      PCA Logistics will coordinate your Cross-border road freight requirements. We manage border clearances, destination compliance requirements and risk management of your consignments, ensuring safe and reliable services.
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      We offer full loads, consolidation part loads, abnormal or out of gauge shipments whilst safely handling general cargo, hazardous goods as well as perishable loads.
      Destinations include Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo Southern regions, Angola and up into Tanzania if required.
      Clients are provided with access to best rates and services into market, whilst we facilitate timeously delivery of your consignment.

    • Local SA distribution
      We offer consolidated transport and logistics services via our National footprint, giving you a delivery solution to all major regions in South Africa. Our domestic services offer a balance between a fast delivery to your customer and reasonable pricing options.
    • Corridor transport
      Coordination of inland road shipments via Walvis Bay, Beira and Dar es Salaam ports to inland destination countries Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and DRC.
      These are for containerized or break-bulk shipments.
    • Cross trade
      Cross Trade, also known as Triangular Trade, Third Party Shipments, or Foreign-to-Foreign Shipments, is a transaction involving three parties in three different countries.
      It refers to cargo that is transported by either road, rail, air or sea from an origin to a destination country. We manage the movement of goods, whilst also ensuring all documents are in place, manage risks and provide destination services through to door.
      • Benefits of cross trade
        – Shorter transit times
        – High efficiency service
        – Lower supply chain costs
  • Project logistics
    Project logistics is complex and challenging, and requires an understanding of regional environments. We are your partner for heavy transport services and project logistics
    in and around SADC region.

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