Chilled Meat

The modern market leans towards chilled meat rather than frozen. In both cases, the meat is generally shipped in vacuum packaging. Vacuum packed chilled meat retains its moisture and continues to mature and tenderize in transit thanks to the action of natural enzymes. Therefore exported meat arrives in even better condition than when it left South Africa.

This saves the end-user the time and cost involved in ageing meat before use or re-sale. Managing the supply chain for temperature controlled meat exports from producer onwards is one of the core businesses of PCA Logistics. We have the staff, procedures and facilities to offer you the benefits of cool-chain efficiency. The temperature in our cold room is constantly monitored and maintained to keep the chilled and fresh meat in perfect condition.

Once your meat is certified for export by the veterinary authorities we add value by:

  • Transferring your valuable shipment into the appropriate cold room.
  • Maintaining the optimum temperature of the meat
  • Professionally loading the meat into containers and wrapping the contents in thermo-blankets.
  • Maintaining the temperature throughout the journey with the use of dry ice.