Fish & Seafood

Abalone, Live Lobsters, Lobster Tails, Crayfish, Langoustines, Prawns, Oysters, Fresh Line fish and other exotic fresh and frozen sea foods – PCA Logistics represents the fusion of international freight management and specialist handling of these delicate perishables.

Fish and shellfish are prone to damage and bruising therefore we take extra care when ensuring that the temperature is kept constant from accepting the cargo – 24 hours a day – until it is ready for collection by your buyers.

We add value by:

Our premises being equipped with the facilities to receive, inspect and palatise fresh fish and seafood for storage in cold chambers awaiting shipment.

We receive shipments around the clock, taking advantage of the cool ambient night temperatures.

Accurate planning and pre booking of cargo space means your shipment moves as planned.

Carefully packed in polystyrene fish containers, we book your product on direct flights so that the product arrives in perfect condition in terms of temperature, texture, taste, appearance and appetite appeal.

Moreover, our specialist operations team ensures all documentation is complete and correct and any necessary inspections are carried out timeously. That means no land side delays at either end.

For you, another shipment is satisfactorily concluded, another customer delighted and important repeat business secured.