Special Services

Every shipment is different and every shipment has its own challenges which need to be met. Depending on the nature of your consignment you may require specialised services to ensure that your consignment arrives at the desired destination. As a customer-focused service we ensure that we do everything in our power to meet your specific requirements. Our team of experts will work tirelessly to tailor solutions to meet your needs.

At PCA Logistics, ensuring the highest integrity of the cool chain is extremely important to us. To us this means the shortest possible interval during turnaround time. While receiving and dispatching your cargo is handled with the utmost care to ensure that your consignments arrive as they should.



Conventional refrigeration cannot cool produce stacked on a pallet instantly as this leads to bio-degradation. PCA Logistics was the first company in the southern hemisphere to invest in a vacuum cooling chamber which involves an evaporation process to increase the shelf life of most flowers, leafy and porous products. For example when produce arrives at a temperature of 18°C – 20°C it can be cooled to 2°C within 20 minutes while sealing in the freshness.


Our approved temperature controlled fumigation chamber gives you an easy, cost-effective way to ensure the Phytosanitary perfection of your shipments. Equipped with fans, gas induction chimneys, measuring devices and venting facilities the chamber caters for the use of poisonous fumigants such as methyl bromide, in a safe and efficient manner.


Our 42-pallet forced air cooling chamber literally sucks the heat out of your produce – effectively allowing for rapid temperature reductions. The gentle yet effective cooling action prevents the build-up of condensation on the produce and avoids freezer burn or dehydration.


Once your cargo is cooled to optimum temperature, we take every precaution to maintain the cool chain while the consignment is being delivered to the carrier or awaiting dispatch. We achieve this by covering your pallets with an insulating thermo blanket which keeps the heat out and the cool in. For sensitive commodities we line airline containers with these specially designed thermo blankets which maintain cool temperatures throughout the flight. Dry ice is used as a coolant.


While your consignment is in our care, our staff constantly monitor its temperature using electronic thermometers and probes to ensure that a full record of its storage history is available at all times. In addition, we offer cost-effective TT4 SE USB, PDF downloadable, one year temperature data loggers which can be inserted into your pallets or containers. These small units are invaluable as a risk management tool. They provide the information necessary to pinpoint harmful temperature fluctuations in the unlikely event of any dispute or insurance claim.


For the transport of very high value produce – or when no temperature deviation at all can be tolerated – PCA Logistics recommends the use of an Envirotainer. These refrigerated containers – or mobile refrigerators – are set at a precise temperature which is maintained throughout transit. A fan draws the air across dry ice to sustain the temperature en route. The use of Envirotainer is also advisable where produce may be subject to transshipment, thus spending some time outside the aircraft. We can advise on the specifications and cost efficient benefits of using Envirotainer and book them on your behalf. Because these containers are expensive, airlines do not stock them at outstations. Bookings have to be confirmed by airlines and exporters must commit by signing 5 day lease agreements before any Envirotainer booking will be made.

For further information on what qualifies as a special freight service item please contact us for assistance.